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New functionality released that gives you the ability to add shading and borders to all of the tiles available when using cover pages.

The aim of HQ has always been the enablement of clear and timely communications across the Haiku community, and it has served this purpose well. HQ 2.0 steps things up to enable more two way communication and feedback.

Migration on the research groups to enable editors to use the media widget for the primary and secondary media on this content type.

The new Blog functionality is now available.

Allowing you more flexibility with your research group pages.

Soon you will be able to use a new Blog content type on your Haiku website. This will be useful for displaying your information in a different way, as well as allowing you to engage with your stakeholders

The new round of Haiku voting is now open for you to vote on the features that you would like to see introduced to your Haiku system

Staying inline with web standards, and making sure that your site and your users data is kept private.

Important dates relating to the development process. Please make a note of these to ensure you know what is happening and when.

Rolling out the new media widget functionality to more content types.

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