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The much anticipated media widget has now been launched....

Information about the features in our latest release

Feature submission nearly closing.

You now have the ability to use iFrames in more places across your website. You can put multiple iFrames on a page, and you can control where on the page they will show. You can also now embed iFrames from Oxford Podcasts.

The addition of a third column to your webpage template allows further flexibility in the presentation of your content

Haiku site editors are starting to use Cover Pages to create new and exciting homepages, and the results are really beautiful. If you are looking for some inspiration for your own homepages, take a look below....

Get your site more noticed, using social media is a great tool for users to share links from your website quickly and easily.

The much anticipated Cover Pages is now live on your systems ready to use

Haiku's new page templating and drag & drop content manager, Cover Pages, will be ready to use on the 1st February.

Thank you all for your participation in the Haiku voting. The voting is now closed and your votes have been calculated

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