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This blog post gives you an update on what we have released to your Haiku site most recently. We hope that you enjoy the new functionality that this updates brings with it.

An update on some current developments and a reminder to submit your feature ideas and requests for the next round of voting.

The roadmap for the latest features that have been voted for has now been published.

Integration with is complete, and has been released onto your site.

We have now moved away from image cropping and onto image scaling. This will give you more flexibility and management of your images on your Haiku webstie.

New ways to show off great images throughout your website.

New functionality released that gives you the ability to add shading and borders to all of the tiles available when using cover pages.

Migration on the research groups to enable editors to use the media widget for the primary and secondary media on this content type.

The new Blog functionality is now available.

Allowing you more flexibility with your research group pages.

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