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Currently only editors with full site administration access have access to Haiku forms. The reason for this is that the Form functionality is complex for an editor, and the data that is being handled can be sensitive. Nevertheless, we recognise the requirement for more editors to be able to create forms, and this feature will allow permissions to be disseminated without the need for full site admin access to be granted. However, editor in chiefs should ensure that they provide proper training on how to use the functionality, and explain the way that data will be handled so that editors are aware of the potential risks


As a Site Administrator I want to be able to select a user to have access to forms functionality in my sharing options, so that I do not have to give full site admin access to these users.

As a logged in editor who has been given 'forms functionality' permission I want to see a "forms library" link in the site actions navigation, so that I can have access to the forms editor to create my own forms.

As an editor with forms access I want to be allowed to access form's data saver adaptor, so that I can get the data that has been submitted into my form without a Site Administrator's help.


Haiku HQ says:
Wednesday, 9 September 2015, 2.04 pm

This is possible. The reason that it was restricted is because the forms functionality can be complex to use, so it should be managed by a competent editor. We can amend the permissions to allow this functionality to be given to any user.

Anne Bowtell says:
Wednesday, 25 November 2015, 9.40 am

Haiku Oversight Committee:

We understood the reason for wanting to make the forms more easily available. However, it is really important to be able to monitor the use of forms because there are issues around data security and data protection when it comes to the collection of data via forms.

Could we discuss this further to consider what's possible?