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    We will develop the functionality that will allow editors to be able to define text to be used as overlay text for a slide image. The editor will be able to define where on the image the text is located, and whether or not it has a shaded background that will ensure the text stands out on different coloured images.

  • Currently, when a search is carried out using the the search functionality built into a Haiku website the search only looks through the website that the user is currently visiting. Although this is normal for a website, in turn it can be quite limiting when there are multiple websites that contain a variety of content that may also be of interest to the user carrying out the search. With this is mind, we propose to update the search functionality within Haiku to allow users to search across more content than just that of the website that they are visiting. We propose to develop this functionality in a flexible way, that will allow site administrators to define which websites users are able to search in addition to their own. One use case may be that this is useful for departmental websites to allow the search on their site to be used to search research unit/group sites that are related to them. Another use case for this functionality is that it will help the divisional website to drive more traffic to the departmental websites that are also on Haiku. Please note that the final designs for this functionality are subject to change as we define the functionality for multi site searching further.