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This is going to be the third webinar in the new seminar workshop series.


  1. Events page functionality recap - including demonstration of tabbed layout. 
  2. Web page functionality recap - including demonstration of 3 column layout. 
  3. Q&A

Please feel free to comment on this event with anything that you would like to be covered, that is related specifically to any of the agenda items listed above, or on more general Haiku related topics, that we will endeavour to cover at the end of the webinar.

Details for the Webex meeting 

The following details are what you require to be able to attend the Webinar. Please ensure that you 'arrive' a few minutes before the webinar begins, as it will start promptly at 2pm. Please note that although we do provide a call in number, your host will be sharing their screen, and therefore you will get more from the webinar by logging in online.

URL to Join:

Meeting number:  238 168 294

Host key: 945333

Call in number: +44-203-478-5289

***Please note: we are going to be recording the webinars, so that we can make them available online, for people to listen to in their own time. Please ensure that your microphone is muted when you are connected to the webinar, if you do not wish to be recorded***

We look forward to seeing you on the webinar.

The Haiku Team