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  • Add scss-lint to haiku.bootstrap scss files. This update adds a task which will check all SCSS files for inconsistencies and errors
  • Add 'Exclude from navigation' option to 'Link' content type
  • Allow carousel tile on research group cover pages


  • Improve row/column styling for cover pages
  • Adjust font sizes for site-wide consistency
  • Increase body/html font size
  • Respect static categories filter for the news item listings
  • Improved styling for tabbed additional content
  • Fix for add/replace type form
  • Exclude taxonomy categories from site wide search
  • Integrate captcha with form generator
  • Reorder jQuery UI to fix cover page JS error in compose mode


  • Remove content search by author
  • Transform remote to local images for cloned item
  • Transform internal links to absolute when cloning/updating clone content
  • Add API for cloud functionality
  • Hide unsupported fields from the subscriber's edit form
  • Extend subscriber's edit form with 'Exclude from navigation' and 'Hide the title' fields
  • Rewritten custom edit form for subscribers to standalone z3c.form allowing users to categorise subscribers
  • Implement initial custom form for subscribed content - update from cloud actions etc.
  • Help text updates
  • Improvement to markup for the cloud content search form
  • Fix broken clone update action
  • Added permissions for guarding content pulling and subscribing actions
  • Fix to ensure only addable content types are searchable in the context of the cloud usage
  • Disallow publications content type from being pulled
  • Update to profile content type syncing function
  • Show info message and log an error if content's history can't be retrieved from the cloud
  • Hide 'Edit' action fro cloud subscribers