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The University is encouraging researchers to take up an ORCID identifier at the moment. This is a unique identifier which means that each researcher can maintain a record of their academic career and outputs - Researchers are encouraged to use their orcid identifier on their web page, along with a link to their ORCID record - It would be good to have a specific field for this on one of the researcher profile tiles along with the ORCID logo. I wonder if editors have a particular views about where it should go - with affiliations, or as an additional 'personal website' under contact details, or on the main personal details tile?


AS A PROFILE OWNER I want to be able to show a link to my ORCID information from my profile SO THAT I can direct people to it easily.


Nuffield Department of Clinical Neurosciences . says:
Thursday, 16 June 2016, 3.09 pm

I don't have a very strong feeling about this - perhaps with affiliations?

Anne Bowtell says:
Tuesday, 21 June 2016, 8.36 am

I have some additional comments which may affect the token value for this work, but could potentially work well for the future. I think this could be an excellent first step for providing much more for our researcher profiles and also integrating the information from our profiles with other systems.

At the moment I think we're suggesting that we collect the ORCID manually from the researcher. However it may be more sensible to automatically look up this information from the CUD (it might even be passed to us via Shibboleth authentication in due course). One of the interesting aspects of ORCID is explained here (an excerpt from a recent committee paper) - and gives us huge potential to reuse information from other sources (which the researcher has given permission to be used):

ORCID accounts are owned and controlled by researchers since they are, by definition, institutionally independent. The user can decide what information is added to their profile and whether that information is shared publically or with specific users. ORCID profiles can hold a variety of information that can effectively be used to construct a scholarly CV. Education, employment, grants awarded, publications, web pages and research data can all be included.

Crucially, unlike many other services, ORCID is developing the capability for profiles to be updated automatically by external systems that can be considered the canonical sources for particular items for information. As sources are always included with entries in the profile this makes ORCID profiles more authoritative than if it contained just a user’s own assertions. However, as final control of the account ultimately rests with the user, each source must be given explicit permission to update the profile automatically.