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The second package we have put together is a paid for service. This package is intended to provide design consultation with the key website stakeholders in your organisation. Our designer will work closely with you, to understand your specific requirements. Our designer will be able to present ideas to you for up to three different individual landing page templates. Our designer will listen to your requirements, and iterate the new templates with you over a course of remote workshops. At the end of the consultation period, you will be left with the new templates available to all users in your Haiku website, as well as tailored documentation relating to each of the templates so that you can be sure you have all the details you need to recreate the content, as well as understanding what is then in your control to tweak, should you wish to. All designs/templates will be provided based on the current functionality that Haiku provides, we will not make any suggestions that require development work to be carried out.

The overall aim of this package is to provide you with specialist designer guidance and insight into creating stand out new pages tailored with your content in mind for your Haiku website, as well as taking the onus on creating and testing out new templates off you. Creating cover pages that look great and deliver the output you are looking for can take significant time and effort.


Whether you choose to take the specialist designer engagement or not, you are still welcome, and encouraged to signup and attend the webinar training.


The charge for this package is £1,800 excl. VAT


Pros of this package:

  • You will work with a specialist designer who built the design functionality into Haiku, so they will know all the best ways to help you create stunning new pages

  • Time bound and output driven delivery of the project

  • Having up to three new templates available with tailored documentation available in your Haiku website

  • Some assets can be provided eg. a limited number of stock photos

Cons of this package:

  • You will not be trained on the overall use of the cover page functionality in general, only specifically related to the templates that are provided for you, however you are also welcome to join one of the cover page webinars courses to further familiarise yourself with the functionality

Package two




Register your interest

5 minutes

Get in touch through the service desk and let us know that you would like to buy a design package.

We will get in touch to arrange the kick off meeting with you.

Kick off meeting - Week 1

60 - 90 minutes

An initial meeting with our designer. For this meeting, you will need to have a clear idea of which three pages you would like templates for e.g. homepage, study page or section landing page. It is also essential that you have a clear idea of what you are trying to achieve with the pages you choose. Unfortunately we are not specialists in the content on your website, or your communications strategy. Due to this, make sure you think about the messaging you want to convey, what content is most important for your users to be directed to, and why. If you want to make use of specific media, images and videos etc. make sure that you have a variety of assets available to you that can be shared with us to help build the designs. 

We will listen to what you are aiming to achieve, and also ask you questions to find out what you do/don’t like (feel free to provide examples) and to help guide us in the first iteration of the new templates.  

Initial mockups of the pages that you have asked us to focus on with you. We will share these before the follow up meeting, so that you have time to review before a discussion around them.

Follow up meeting - Week 2

60  minutes

In this meeting, we will review the initial designs with you. We will listen to any feedback that you have on the designs, and work with you to guide what the second iteration will look like. Please be specific with your feedback, it really helps. This is also a good chance for us to ask you any follow up questions and provide suggestions.

We will work on the initial mockups to provide a second iteration. We will share these before the sign-off meeting, so that you have time to review before a final discussion around them.

Sign-off meeting - Week 3

45 mins

In this meeting, we will talk you through the final designs that have come from the initial two meetings and two rounds of iteration. If any, there should only be very minor changes tweaks required to the new designs. We will ask you to sign off on the designs.

We will implement the designs onto your live site. We will also provide you with specific documentation for the designs that have been created specifically for you, as a point of reference. 

Final delivery - Week 4

Email communication

Finalised templates available on your Haiku website and documentation ready to be shared with you.

We will email you to let you know that the new templates are now available for you to use on your Haiku site. We will also send you the documentation relating to the templates that have been created for you.