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  • Implementation of 'Flash message' functionality. This allows the Haiku team to send messages of varying severity to different permission groups and users on one, some or all Haiku websites


  • Update to Altmetric functionality for profiles
  • Update to show date stamp on blog posts even if no author is listed
  • Separate image and file upload section processes
  • Add default row at top of new cover pages to show in the layout view
  • Update to new profile permission schema
  • Update max file upload size from 10MB to 15MB
  • Fix typo in file/media upload widget
  • Fix file/image size validation message
  • Cleaning for old profile implementation
  • Fix styling of flash notifications
  • Improve rich text editor for flash notification functionality
  • Fix to allow access to 'External' profiles for editors on new profile implementation
  • Update remote publishing subscriber for profiles, add new profiles migration
  • Run tests across new profile implementation and migration
  • Enable 'View my profile', 'Edit content' and 'Edit layout' for all profile editors
  • Update publications load more functionality


  • Update to always send activity type when pushing content to the cloud
  • Fix typo on cloud dashboard read more button