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  • Add hamburger menu to all Haiku websites for use of the mobile menu. This menu option is much more intuitive and user-friendly for people visiting the website on their mobile device.
  • Improvement for header content when displayed on a mobile device. Moving unimportant links to the footer to make better use of the website header space on a mobile device.
  • Implement image and file quick edit option
  • Add exclude from navigation field to research groups


  • Fix slideshow navigation arrow overspill
  • Fix the fit of images to their container in the image library
  • Fix for pagination styles
  • adjustment for size dependant modals
  • Remove duplicate site actions ID
  • Improve layout styles for the image library
  • Remove bottom margin on parent site header for nested sites
  • Add rich-text CSS class to feature tile template
  • Update upcoming events tile catalogue query
  • Limit Alt text for images to 1000 characters in line with accessibility guidelines
  • Implemented check for image dimensions
  • Update image quick edit form hints
  • Add RAM cache for news and events items
  • Only show site-actions on mobile devices in the footer
  • Update image description hint
  • Improve metadata display in modal
  • Remove image filename as ALT if the description is missing
  • Replace image listing panel with image-cards
  • Move default location for primary portlets to the right for sections listing
  • Update image and file View actions