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  • Add image copyright for images in rich-text area
  • Horizontal layout for promoted news - defined by the number of columns


  • Refactoring promoted items on listings
  • Update promoted items field hint
  • Improve reusability of promoted title class names
  • Fix widths on Safari rows
  • Style promoted profiles title
  • Update parentHeader ETag
  • Add parent header ETag to fix parent header caching
  • Fix for ListingFields vocabulary if used without being properly bound
  • Improve markup for promoted news
  • Add 'Read more' label field for carousel
  • Add location to 'Cannot set reference' (images on tiles) exception
  • Add original image source URL
  • Update class names for reusability
  • Fix for categorising remote content
  • Remove obsolete ITurnkeyTilesLayout behaviour



  • Reindex objects immediately after updates
  • Stop stripping out the authentication password if the password was not changed in the control panel