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Moving away from third-party analytics tools to server-side web analytics.

The accuracy of third-party website analytics tools is no longer as good as it used to be. The reason for this is the cookie and privacy laws that require users to opt in to having their data collected, which is reducing the amount of information that sites are collecting as users are not opting in. With this in mind, we will develop the ability to track visits to Haiku websites using server-side analytics, rather than through the website/browser. The server is able to collect and use data that keeps users anonymous. The data and reporting that can be achieved are not as rich using this method, however, it will be able to provide basic and useful usage data.


AS A SITE ADMIN I want analytics from the server about my site SO THAT I can find out about the user activity on my website without using a tracking service such as Google Analytics.

AS A SITE ADMIN the information that I want to gather from the server analytics is:
Overall page views for the whole site
Individual page views on a per-page basis
The average amount of time spent on page
The percentage of hits broken down by device (phone, tablet, desktop)
The percentage of hits broken down by browser
SO THAT I am able to analyse the usage of my site by the visitors.

AS A SITE ADMIN I want to be able to easily access the analytics on my site in the site setup SO THAT I can quickly and easily see the analytics.

AS A SITE ADMIN I want to be able to filter the reports by custom date ranges SO THAT I can compare the data about the usage of the site across different time periods.

AS A SITE ADMIN I want to be able to export a .csv file of the reports that are available on my site SO THAT I can download and share the results.

AS A SITE ADMIN I want to be able to find out how my website analytics statistics compare to other Haiku websites SO THAT I can see if there is anything that I can improve on my website to ensure that users spend more time looking at the information.