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  • Add the ability to use 'Collections' on the Oxford Talks tile and portlet


  • Fix select box dropdown arrow position
  • Add a check if current domain is configured for purging when calling the PurgeSite function
  • Move 'Lead/intro' text to be above lead image, rather than underneath
  • Add "haiku.shibboleth" to supported Haiku add-ons list
  • Block secondary portlets on cover pages
  • Update to OxTalks to use the latest endpoint, and update to search hint field
  • Remove nav class for primary categories portlet
  • Remove nav class for secondary categories portlet


  • Refactor the add from cloud search page, and added some search hints and tips
  • Don't patch manually selected profiles in the our team portlet as they are not shared
  • List allowed content types in the context under the cloud content search form
  • Redirect <obj>/@@cloud-search to <parent>/@@cloud-search if obj is selected as default page for the parent object
  • Refactor update-all-remote-content view
  • Fix disabled cloud search form due to wrong constraintypes check