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  • Added visible focus styles to links and buttons for improving the accessibility of Haiku websites.
  • Added and improved the styling for the skip navigation links for accessibility improvements.
  • Added new fields to the Blog content type. These fields will allow you to relate local publications to blog posts, as well as external publications (using their DOI, which will also supply the altmetric information) and there is also the ability to add numerous related links to the blog post, which will be styled in and put beside the main content.
  • Added OxTalks digest generator to all sites. This tool allows you to create digests of talks that are on the OxTalks platform and then generated HTML to be able to create an email from the digest.


  • Improve styling for the data-grid field.
  • Fix for width on date/time pucker dropdowns.
  • Improve validation message for users when the image resolution is exceeded.
  • Update styling for selected publications tile and portlet.
  • Fix for setting the limit on our team tile and portlet.