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Bug fixes

  • 'Allow discussion' settings not showing in section root - this has been fixed.
  • Fix for hidden content not prompting for login in certain situations - no security breach encountered.
  • Fix for removing a user from all permission groups when deleting their user account - this was causing conflicts when recreating a user that had been deleted.
  • Fix for allowing 'Link' content type to be searchable when using the cover pages content chooser.
  • Allow navigation tile on cover pages implementation for research group content type - when cover page functionality was first implemented for research groups, we had not allowed the navigation tile (we had envisaged users using the list tile). We have now added the tile.
  • Fix for making new sections more manageable with the number of content types that are available - previously when you add a new section, it presents you with a list of all of the available content types to be added. It is now restricted to a select few, to make the implementation cleaner.