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  • Implement safeguard for homepage display change. When changing the display of the homepage, users will see a confirmation dialogue asking them if they are sure they want to carry out this action
  • Added ability to use categories and types as request variables in news and event search filters
  • Add hint widget to edit forms to improve contextual help for users
  • Added functionality to research groups to show the recent publications compiled from all the profiles related to the research group in chronological order with the most recent first. There is now a checkbox to activate this functionality on the research group edit form alongside the selected publications field. You are able to limit the number of publications that show. You are also now able to customise the title of this publications listing.


  • Add homepage class to default homepage view
  • Fix for active tab/row configuration
  • Update for tabbed listings
  • Update main macro 'lead' slot for central layout
  • Add listing-results container for listings
  • Fix date for listing items on blog content type
  • Fix for messages not showing when pagination occurs
  • Fix pagination and tabs to work with the newly refactored listings
  • Styling for load more button on team pages added
  • Notify layout modified event after saving cover page layout
  • Update imports for enabling local behaviours
  • Adjustment for profiles listings
  • Update courses/subjects supervisors listings
  • Fix for exporting profiles to a .csv file
  • Rewrite for profile listing template
  • Deprecation of profile listing column display
  • Add the number of profiles per row/tab display
  • Profiles listing refactoring V1 - V6
  • Fix warning message for empty publications listings
  • Added support for the skip navigation link
  • Add support for contextual hint widget
  • Styling new profiles listing
  • Added styling for the active filter button
  • Remove redundant filters for profiles
  • Fix for promoted person layout on team pages