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New Minor Features

  • Update news and events sections with image ratio and position fields for listings
  • Enable events listing with the ability to use images on events listing rather than the date of the event
  • Add option for default image for event items listing
  • Add lead images fields for cover page news tile


  • Initial support for horizontal scrolling on list tile
  • Contact tests
  • Update tests
  • Cleaning - remove HaikuLoadMore view and macro
  • Add browser tests for admin templates
  • Update Haiku FAQ link in admin overview
  • Add marker interfaces for portlets assignments, update migration
  • Remove portlets from publications
  • Update new portlets wording
  • Update CSS/JS resources
  • Update news, events, selected items and collection portlets - add visible fields
  • Set default visible fields for news and events listings
  • Cleaning portlets templates
  • Add listing item fields utilities and vocabulary
  • Fix categories in select2 widget
  • Clean events/news portlets code
  • Add event location to SearchableText index
  • Update event listing item - add location, make visible fields customizable
  • Add 'modals for rich text images' option in settings
  • Update listing items
  • Don't show display options if browser:defaultView is defined
  • Assign IFilesContainer for files library subsections
  • Add browser resources
  • Fix listing vocabulary
  • Refresh admin views
  • Update searching item and select2 item advanced info
  • Finish behaviours tests
  • Fix behaviours utilities, update tests
  • Update behaviours tests
  • Selected content portlet first implementation
  • Update selected content template
  • Update adapters and related tests
  • Update image listing item
  • Don't show previous/next on additional content if only one item is selected
  • Fix events listing item
  • Update tests
  • Selected content enchantments
  • Update events section tests
  • Update images listing - added categories, error indicator, search results page, indexer
  • Update profiles listing for courses and subject areas
  • Disable 'manage_portlets' action for publications
  • Always update remotely published content if the previous update failed (ignoring last update time)
  • Fix broken old migration by the broken class import
  • Fix broken old migration due to no longer existing portlet managers

Haicloud Updates

  • Fix broken content extraction when schemata collection includes non-adaptable schema
  • Add REST API endpoint for purging site's caching proxy