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    We will develop the functionality that will allow editors to be able to define text to be used as overlay text for a slide image. The editor will be able to define where on the image the text is located, and whether or not it has a shaded background that will ensure the text stands out on different coloured images.


  • Add copyright right on the image in rich text areas


  • Add IRichText behavior to content type
  • Fix opacity reset on window resize
  • Fix caption and cite overlap
  • Add background opacity to carousels
  • Add title positioning styles for full-width carousels
  • Make span figures look like figures
  • Adjust image markup in RichText
  • Remove figure wrapping for rich text area images
  • Fix image copyright in small columns
  • Replace Google Plus icon with Instagram
  • New transformations for images in rich text areas
  • Add ratio and image position fields to content listing settings
  • Correct type and categories indexers
  • Update rich text relations behaviour and subscribers
  • Change 'No value' to 'Default' for all selection fields
  • Fix updating relations for images in rich-text
  • Implement relations for images embedded in rich text areas
  • Make advanced search more efficient
  • Fix advanced searching if display_hidden is on
  • Add lead image related fields to events tile
  • Update carousel opacity field hint and default value 
  • Add themed background opacity and text position for carousels
  • Add image copyrights for banner and featured tiles 
  • Provide copyright for captioned images
  • Remove QuickEdit action and reindex Form Folders
  • Add an Instagram icon for social media auto-recognition
  • Fix exclude_from_nav indexer (remove checking for IExcludeFromNavigation behavior)