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A release containing bug fixes and feature updates.



  • Update to the sorting on popularity for blog posts. Previously the popularity of a blog post was caluculated on page visits, including visits by website editors. This update ensures that only visits by anonymous are registered so that the results are realistic.
  • Update to TinyMCE (rich text editor).
  • Fix for missing icon that shows editors quickly whether an item is in a 'Hidden' state or not.
  • Fix for responsive images.
  • Update to show all upcoming events in tiles and portlets for editors. If items are unpublished, they will be greyed out.
  • Give the option for editors to show the lead images for events in the latest events portlet and tile.
  • Fix for profile categories that no longer exist. Previously these used to show even if they had been removed from the system. Cataloging purge has been included for all category updates.
  • Fix to include courses and subject areas on JSON profile exports.