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Simplify the way that profiles are created and managed.


We have changed the profiles section from being managed using folders to a tagging system, this has led to many benefits.

What has changed?

- when you add a profile to your team section, there is no longer any need to add it directly into a folder. You can now tag the profile using tags that you define in the taxonomy, this will define which tab, column or row the profile will sit in.
- you can tag a profile with more than one tag, and it will appear in both the sections of the our team page.
- we have added a couple more filtering options to the homepage, you can now allow a user to search by the beginning letter of their last name, just for a name, and or the entire keyword search that searches inside each profile.
- we have provided a few more different options for the size and positioning of the profile pictures on the landing page of the team section. You can now select from 3 options for each.
- there is the ability to hide profiles tagged by certain tags.
- in-line with this release the ability to promote profiles within the team section.

We have run a migration across the Haiku sites to move from the previous way of managing this to the new way.

The differences that you need to note are:

- to add a profile now, you can do this either directly from the section with the profiles in landing page, or from the folder contents.
- you can tag the profile with any of the tags that you create in the taxonomy of your website (...../taxonomy). You can select 'Profiles' and create as many as you wish.
- you will see the tagging option when creating a new profile and can find the tagging of current profiles in the 'Edit' page for them.
- there are more configuration options for the profile landing page. These can be manipulated by going to the landing page of the team folder, clicking 'Edit' and using the 'View' tab on the edit form.

We hope that you find this new functionality intuitive and user friendly.