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  • Remove 'cover-content' class
  • Add title and description to image in pop up
  • Make all cover pages fluid full width by default
  • Add rules for publications 'select2' widget
  • Install image_hash index
  • Fix referencing portraits from TinyMCE
  • Hide portraits section in manage features form
  • Add support for Twitter timeline links
  • Show dropzone in images subsections only if anything is addable
  • Fix for tiles relations
  • Fix for portraits migration
  • Stop copying image portraits to the image gallery
  • Fix for broken publications sync for individual profiles
  • Add portraits listing view
  • Add the total number of publications display option in the view tab
  • Make the hide_title default value customizable
  • Add support for the Altmetric score in the research group's selected publications portlet
  • Disallow white spaces and catalogue indexes in object ids
  • Fix broken action for migrating webpages to sections
  • Fix short title indexer
  • Fix for link creator in the RichText editor


  • Fix broken research group view when content is subscribed due to the Altmetric badge