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AS A CONTENT OWNER I WANT TO BE ABLE TO see which other websites have subscribed to a piece of content that I have created on my website with a link to the content on the subscribers website SO THAT I CAN keep track of which other websites show a copy of the content from my website.

AS A CONTENT OWNER, I WANT TO see if a website has pulled the content into their website once to edit it, or if they are subscribed to the content that lives on my website SO THAT I am aware who will be impacted if I make any changes to the content on my site.

AS A CONTENT OWNER, I WANT a quick way (preferably visually marked in a common location, rather than having to look for the information) to see if the content I am editing is subscribed to, SO THAT I am aware that the changes I am making will impact other users of the content.

AS A CONTENT OWNER, I WANT to see when the other website carried out the action to pull/subscribe/update to the content that is on my website, as well as who carried out the action (name or name and email address) SO THAT I can see the activity related to the item of content.

AS A CONTENT OWNER, I WANT to be able to see a historical list of all the notifications that would have been sent in relation to this item of content, SO THAT I can see a history of the activity related to this content.