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  • Improved the blogpost template, adding the option to include author portraits on blog posts.
  • Added a warning message when workflow states mismatch between a container and its default page. 
  • Updated the embed tile, embed portlet and Primary media field (Edit -> Media tab) to allow Eventbrite code to be added.
  • Added a slide animation effect option on the carousel tile.
  • Added a 'hide description' option on the carousel tile.
  • Added the ORCID icon on Haiku user profiles, along with embedded links to relevant ORCID profiles. 
  • Added a 'don't show this above the image' checkbox to the portrait tile, to allow alt text to remain visible without displaying portrait titles. 
  • Updated code relating to the embed tile.
  • Updated the selected publications portlet. 
  • Stripped HTML tags from publication abstracts.