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  • Allow 'Link' content type to be added to the research group content type
  • Add collection portlet first release


  • Blog listing refactoring improvements
  • Add image copyright selection functionality to image tile for profiles
  • Add style options 'Light' and 'Dark' for image copyright to ensure it can be displayed on images of any colour
  • Reorganise migration resources
  • Enable select2 for publications filters
  • Style select options in sidebar filters for publications to take up 100% width of the field
  • Style load more button for publications listing
  • Publications listing refactoring improvements
  • Fix archives filter for news
  • Update to site administrator contact form
  • Override for all forms to use anti-spam honey pot trapping
  • Events and news listing refactoring improvements
  • Update image copyright styling in multiple locations
  • Update to iCal for events
  • Limit load number on news and events listings to 50 items
  • Reorder items in projects section display menu
  • Update to similar items portlet to calculate similarity based on shared categories
  • Update error message template
  • Remove redundant 'Archive' portlet