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    Currently, the publications listing is visually quite flat. Also, the current view simply lists all publications in chronological order, not offereing any visual identity of what the publications are, or what type of content they contain. We propose to make the publications section template more flexible, as well as making the types of the publications stand out more to the user, aiding them to visually filter the publications at a glance. We will make the publications landing page configurable. We will develop options for editors to be able to display the publications in different formats. In line with this, we will also develop the functionality that will allow users to promote important publications to the users of the site. We propose to use tags rather than images, as with publications for example a book icon may be similar to a chapter icon, and this can lead to confusion, if not explained properly.


  • Update to profile links tile, hide edit buttons for remotely published items
  • Fix ordering of recent publications on profile tile
  • Fix updating research groups for remotely published profiles
  • Fix Altmetric JS bug
  • Fix for tabbed slideshows with fewer than 3 slides