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  • Implementation of 'Simple gallery' for images to pop up in lightbox effect


  • Add 'image-inline' styles for the rich text editor
  • Fix for hover-click not working on desktop
  • Fix dropdowns for themes with site header backgrounds
  • Add support for taxonomy vocabularies in custom sources


  • Update to open links on the cloud dashboard in a new tab
  • Open cloud content search results in a new tab when the master copy of the content title is clicked on
  • Add cloud dashboard to show site administrators the sites that they are following, and the ones that are following their site
  • Add 'Unsubscribe' action for subscribed content to turn it into a clone and make it locally editable
  • Add 'Subscribe' action for content previously cloned from another website so that a user can put the cloned content back in sync with the original
  • Update list of content types that can be pulled, cloned and subscribed to