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  • Add ID to search box portlet input
  • Add 'aria-label' to search box portlet submit button


  • Update Blog item caching method
  • Fix tabbed carousel for Google Chrome on Windows
  • Fix redundant title accessibility issue for listing item title
  • Add sr-only text leaf
  • Replace anchor with button for calendar
  • Fix accessibility issues with calendar icon
  • Updates for clones and subscribers
  • Add tests
  • Update to the authentication method for cloud subscriptions
  • Fix accessibility redundant link error for featured tile
  • Fix for tile rendering error
  • Add a checkbox to the profile's edit form to disable publications sync for the profile
  • Update: external profile URL is indexed as remote URL
  • Update and cleaning for accordion display view
  • Clean unused thumbnail subscriber
  • Don't pass zero sort_limit to catalogue when querying research group's selected publications
  • Improved Symplectic sync email notifications message when there are profiles which it failed to sync publications
  • Symplectic publications sync now ignores profiles with disabled sync flag in the profile's schema