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As technology has been moving forward, so has technological security. To stay inline with the latest web security standards, we have upgraded all Haiku sites to be running on HTTPS as standard.

As you may have been aware, when you use many public websites you usually access them on 'http://....'. If you go to a site behind a login, for example the edit view of a Haiku site, or your online banking, you will notice that the link changes to 'https://....', a little padlock will appear somewhere on your web browser as well, to show that the site/page you are using is secure.

Recently, there has been a move towards public facing websites delivering all content to the end user on 'https://...' protocol. This not only makes the connection between a users browser, and the server more secure than before for regular pages, it also means that data submitted through forms is sent even more securely, giving you peace of mind that all of your users data is as secure as possible at all times.

In short, the work that we have done makes your website more secure, and means that you can feel more comfortable using forms to collect sensitive data. If you would like to read more about HTTP and HTTPS, the differences, and the reasons for running on HTTPS there is a clear article here that will give you more information.

If you have any questions about this, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the Haiku team.