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  • Ensure AA contrast on share icons
  • Add ariaLabel to search button
  • Fix arrow missing text for screen readers
  • Fix accessibility issues:
    • No 'Accesskey' attribute on the primary logo
    • Add aria-label attr for event iCal icon
  • Avoid redundant link accessibility checker alert for listing items with images
  • Improve accessibility for carousels


  • Clean up old code from Plone Form Generator
  • Added Reuben College icon
  • Migrate standard behaviours to haiku.core
  • Remove the title attribute  in site actions
  • Prevent user 'haiku' to be recorded as last editor
  • Clean tests
  • Add validators tests
  • Adust EasyForm settings
  • Add behaviour tests
  • Update tests
  • Fix for document rendering for anonymous users
  • Fix portraits subsection in images library
  • No item title as a link title in quick navigation
  • Style hint text on alternative text field
  • Replace 'Description' with 'Alternative Text'