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New minor features/improvements


Registration of all available portlets for use in both primary and secondary portlet template. The registration of all portlets for use in the primary and secondary location will allow users to use a wider vareity of portlets when using a template with a 3 column display.

Media behaviour for cover pages

Previously, you were not able to use the 'Media' tab on cover pages or sections. We have now allowed this functionality on these content types. The reason for this is that it now means these items of content can be used in listings, and have an image associated with them, to ensure consistency across a Haiku website.

Improve search functionality

We have made an update to the Haiku site search engine. The update ensures that all links (internal or external), which are created using the 'Link' content type, and hyperlinks within the rich text area are indexed and searchable. If a search term finds a link within a page the page will be listed in the search results.

Vimeo video thumbnail generation

Previously, when you embed a Vimeo video in the lead media of an item of content, the Haiku system would not automatically use the thumbnail for the video in listings. We have made an update to the system that ensures it the URL of the Vimeo video is used to embed it, we will be able to utilise the thumbnail of the video in content listings. 


  • Fix in standard buildout for pre-created research section view template.
  • Fix 'Manage features' action protected by non-existing permission.
  • Update to spacing on team tile - reduced white space where not required.
  • Fix to remove 'Events listing' from showing in all display menus.
  • Fix to enable 'Site setup' dropdown from site dashboard.
  • Fix for 'Latest news' portlet, to not show summary text.
  • Update to remove overized 'Read more' button from the projects portlet and tile listing.
  • Update to 'Cover pages' configuration.
  • Fix for last name filter on team section.