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Give editors the ability to add a caption to an image, when embedding it into the Rich text editor. This functionality is required to enable editors to show a caption with an image that helps describe it, making it clearer for the users.


AS AN EDITOR I want to be able to add captions to images in the text editor (TinyMCE) of a page SO THAT I can add context to an image and make sure that the user understands why it is there.

AS A USER I want to see captions on images within the body text of the page SO THAT if it is not clear what the image is about, I can understand the context of it better.


What are you trying to do that our product is not able to support?

Add captions to images added through the editor

What is the reason that you need to be able to do this?

Captions can be an important part explaining context

What is the impact of you not being able to do this?

The point of images, or what they illustrate/explain, may not seem obvious to a user without them, requiring the context to be embedded in the text. May reduce clarity of pages and how much of a page is read, as images can often capture a reader before they read the text.