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Changes in the law around cookies require an update to the cookie law functionality.

Previously, the usage of cookies was based on implied consent, however, this is no longer the case due to the latest privacy and personal data laws (GDPR). What does this mean?

The information provided by the Information Commissioners Office provides insight on how this looks in practice:

  • "your users must take a clear and positive action to consent to non-essential cookies;
  • your websites and apps must tell users clearly what cookies will be set and what they do – including any third party cookies;
  • pre-ticked boxes or any equivalents, such as sliders defaulted to ‘on’, cannot be used for non-essential cookies;
  • your users must have control over any non-essential cookies; and
  • non-essential cookies must not be set on landing pages before you gain the user’s consent."

Further information the ICO provide:

"Consent is not required for cookies that are defined as ‘strictly necessary’ – those that are essential to providing the service requested by the user. Such cookies must be essential to fulfil their request. Those that are simply helpful or convenient, but not essential - or that are only essential for your own purposes - will still require consent.

Any non-essential cookies, including third party cookies used for the purposes of online advertising or web analytics, require prior consent to the GDPR standard."

With the above in mind, we need to make some updates to how the Haiku cookie law functionality works. 


AS A USER I want to see clear information that the website I am visiting uses cookies SO THAT I can decide if I want to accept the cookies.

AS A USER I want to see clear information about the necessary and third party cookies that are being used by the website that I am visiting SO THAT I can decide if I want to deny access to these cookies in my browser.

AS A USER I want to see clear information on how to disable the cookies in my browser SO THAT I have full control over which cookies I allow to be set.

AS A USER I want to be able to explicitly grant or deny access to analytics tracking cookies SO THAT I can decide if the data about how I am using the website is collected.

AS A USER I want to be able to quickly and easily update my cookie preferences SO THAT I can update my preferences if I change my mind about any of them.

AS A SITE ADMIN I do not want to collect any users tracking/analytic data unless they have explicitly given their permission for me to do so SO THAT I am not in breach of the data privacy laws.

AS A SITE ADMIN I want to be able to quickly and easily find out which cookies my Haiku site is using SO THAT I can make my users aware.