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New Minor Features

  • Added new 'Embed protlet'


  • Fix images path for richtext-modals
  • Fix horizontal lists item size when the list has too few items
  • Add documentation for scrolling lists
  • Add scrolling lists with arrows
  • Add image open in modal
  • Restrict margin overrides only for direct row children of cover-fluid
  • Fix reindexing content when collection, events or news portlet were added
  • Update sitemap logic
  • Fix sitemap items styling
  • Sitemap API and test
  • Fix for reindexing context of 'Selected items' portlet
  • Fix 'load more' and 'page size' for default section listing
  • More granular control over 'manage local features' actions
  • Add default section listing behavior
  • Add portal actions adapters
  • Reorganise publications tile's edit form
  • Extend notification about profile's publications sync result with the number of favourite publications.
  • Add helper method for updating profile's key publications
  • Show total number of listed publications on the publications default listing view
  • Extract and store profile's favourite publications if enabled in the profile
  • Remove relations between profile and publications in the sync_disabled state when updating relations during symplectic sync
  • Fix error handling when parsing symplectic feeds
  • Remove obsolete aggregation settings behaviour
  • Update symplectic sync pagination usage after moving to the 5.5 endpoint
  • Remove forgotten debugger pinpoint
  • Comment obsolete symplectic parts moved to haiku.symplectic
  • Update portal actions