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  • Safety feature for forms deployed. When deploying code updates, we have to block writing to the databases, this is why we lock out editors, and forms cannot collect data at the time of the updates. We have put in place a lock on the forms that suggest the user comes back to try again shortly, due to a system update taking place.


  • Limiting promoted items to 10 for all sections except team section
  • Update to render extra JS resources at the bottom of the page instead of at the top
  • Update nested parent site header caching
  • Fix content notifications filtering
  • Set default layout in haiku.profiles registry
  • Clean old tiles
  • Fix profile layouts migration
  • Separate haiku.profiles configuration from available cover layouts
  • Fix publications raw xml data that could be displayed to all users
  • Display raw source feed of publication for Site Admins
  • Take publication's 'online-publication-date' or 'record-created-at-source-date' during the Symplectic sync if the 'publication-date' is not available
  • Force default layout for profiles
  • Fix for profiles not able to be created due to missing layout