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Allow users to filter publications by multiple criteria to allow for more detailed and precise searching. A reloaded URL will allow the search result to be copied and shared.



Currently the publications filter only allows users to select one parameter from each of the options on the publications section. This new feature allows users to multi select as many options as they would like to create a detailed publication search result. In addition, we have recognised that you would like the ability to link to filtered search results, so now when a search is carried out, the site URL will refresh providing you with a copyable URL link to the precise results that you searched for.


AS A USER I want to be able to select multiple options from each of the publications section filter options SO THAT I can search through the publications in a more detailed and specific way, to find the information that I am looking for.

AS A USER I want to be able to send a URL to someone that means they will land on the publications section, with exactly the same filtered results that I am seeing, SO THAT I can easily point them to what I want to.

AS AN EDITOR I want to be able to define whether all, or on an individual basis, which of the publications filter fields are multi select and which are not SO THAT I can offer my users an improved experience when filtering through the publications on my Haiku site.

AS AN EDITOR I want to be able to use a URL generated by a multi select filter on the publications filter, so that I can link to a specific set of filtered publications from anywhere on my Haiku site, SO THAT I can easily point users to a predefined publications filter.