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New minor features/Updates

  • Implement 'Manage behaviours' functionality. When you select the behaviour for a section, it will update the available content types and display options.
  • Add captcha field for forms. This can now be used to prevent spam on the forms created on a Haiku website.
  • Provide ability to link to cover pages from the rich text editor when creating internal links.
  • Provide the function to hide images that are dragged and dropped onto the featured tile.
  • Implement ability for 'Link' content type to be added to carousels. This allows editors to create a slide that is not drawn directly from items of content, this also provides the ability to link to external link.
  • Add functionality to add media to 'Link' content type.
  • Added functionality to show images next to 'Link' content type items in listings.
  • Added functionality to be able to format text with 'Justified' option.
  • Added the ability to add 'Web page' content type to 'News item' content type for using the 'Additional content' functionality. 

Haiku Bugs/fixes

  • Add Flexbox fix for headings in TinyMCE
  • Make anchors bold in latest publications tile
  • Fix for clearing 'Key publications' tile on profiles in Internet Explorer
  • Make text in portlets/tiles with borders both sides show justified
  • Fix return property in jquery plugin
  • Add the file path to the header of generated files
  • Fix for error when replacing a category in the taxonomy
  • Cleaning old image scales
  • Refactor column/row styling
  • Cleaning to remove old homepage implementation
  • Fix for alignment of images
  • Install haiku.notifications package by default
  • Add support for importing profiles in JSON format
  • Add support for external portraits on profiles JSON import
  • Fix for definable publications limit before pagination begins
  • Fix for navigation unpublished links
  • Fix for 'Next course' session portlet
  • Fix for section default view handling

Haicloud Bugs/Fixes

  • Fix inconsistency in sending requests to the cloud during content deletion and other bulk content operations
  • Always send the content path in the data that is pushed to the cloud
  • Update to logging for deleted and cancellation of deleting items of content