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  • We will allow the sharing of certain content between Haiku sites. Initially, we will allow editors to share News, Events, Research Groups and Themes, as well as Profiles. We will need to refactor the way that profiles are currently shared between the websites, but this will not have any effect on any currently shared profiles. In doing the refactoring, we will change the way in which these items of content are stored within each website, and enable it for other items of content at the same time. The new implementation of storage will enable a website editor to search through content on other Haiku sites that have opted to share their content through the Haiku connecter. An editor will be able to search through a site specifically for an item of content that they wish to reuse with a content picker. Editors will be able to add remote content in a similar way to adding a local page to their website. This will allow a tree like search through the available content types. An editor will also be able to see a list of recently added content in the available content types. The Editor will be able to use text search and tag filtering to easily find the specific content that they wish to reuse. When adding an item of remote content, editors will have two options, one; to simply add the item of content into their website and keep it in sync with the original item, this would update daily to keep the content inline with the original content. Two, if an editor would like to take an item of content and then manipulate it in anyway, they will be bale to pull the content into their website, and save a local copy that then unlocks the item of content and makes it editable. All content drawn into a website will take on the look and feel of the host website, even if left in sync.


  • Provide the ability to define the ratio of the images on a research section landing page.


  • Fix profile alignment for 'Projects' content type
  • General improvements for the sitemap functionality and design
  • Update to site customisations panel and permissions
  • Fix for links in carousel not displaying


  • Fix for broken content extraction with annotations containing empty dictation