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AS A USER I WANT to have an easy to use form builder SO THAT I can build a variety of different forms across my website.

AS AN EDITOR I WANT any data that is input into my forms to be stored in the UK SO THAT I can be sure any data I collect is kept securely and under strict security protocol.

AS AN EDITOR I WANT to have a variety of fields that I can use SO THAT I can collect a variety of different types of data.

AS AN EDITOR I WANT to be able to use a captcha SO THAT I do not get spam through from the form.

AS AN EDITOR I WANT to be able to save the data from the form in a .csv file on the website, SO THAT I do not have to send any data over emails etc.

AS AN EDITOR I WANT to be able to define who receives an email when the form is filled, as well as what that content of the email is, including which fields are sent, SO THAT I can have multiple forms collecting data for different people.

AS AN EDITOR I WANT to be able to define if the person who fills the form gets an email after they submit the form, as well as what the content of the email is SO THAT I can set up a thank you email if it is required.

AS A SITE ADMINISTRATOR I WANT to be able to embed a form from a third party service using an iFrame SO THAT I can use a different form builder should I wish to. (The use of third-party form software should refer users to the MSD for the information about this).