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A release containing minor updates and bug fixes.

New features

Haicloud backend:

In this release, we have deployed the first steps to enabling the Haicloud for all Haiku websites. You will not notice any difference, or new functionality on your website with this part of the release, but it is an important and exciting step to providing this functionality.



  • Update to 'Smart embed' functionality in the rich text area to validate inserted iFrames. The validation will warn users if they have put in an invalid iFrame.
  • Fix for headings in rich text areas overlapping blockquotes. 
  • Fix for sort order of manually added publications. In some instances publications that were added manually to a Haiku website, and had a publishing date set, were listing in the wrong order. 
  • Fix for publications plain listing page in new publications section release.
  • Fix for drop down navigation. Previously, even if a short name was supplied for an item of content, the drop down navigation was still using the full title of the page.
  • Fix for edit modal when editing items in the files library.
  • Fix for team listing pages sort ordering with multiple surnames.
  • Small improvemement update to Google Analytics tracking code implementation.
  • Fix for images of a certain scale on the carousel tile of newly deployed sites.
  • Fix for news tile on cover pages - some images displaying description text rather than thumbnail.
  • Update to make images linkable from the rich text editor.
  • Fix for categorisation of remote content when being added to a site for the first time.
  • Fix section icon size on image library modal.