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  • Fix for the 'Recent Changes' log
  • Fix 'required' mark for checkbox widget
  • Add radio and checkbox widgets templates, tweak the image and file widgets
  • Add templates for image and file widgets
  • Fix RSS pagination V2
  • Fix RSS pagination
  • Update rich-text adapter tests
  • Add remote URL info to search listing item
  • Move instance behaviours adapter from turnkey to haiku.core
  • Fix opening portlets buttons in a new tab if selected for Oxford Talks
  • Add test form creator
  • Remove haiku.external and related behaviour
  • Fix tabs IDs for tabbing listing v2
  • Fix opening portlets buttons in new tab if selected v2
  • Include URL rather than absolute path in the cleaned-up publications report
  • Added navigation from the dashboard to remote publishing issues listing and back
  • Add remotely published item with issues listing to dashboard
  • Add publications cleanup email notification
  • Minor improvements to the publications sync notification
  • Improve publications cleanup to validate related profiles - they have to exist (this cleans up also publications with broken relations to non-existing profiles)
  • Remove inactive research group viewlets
  • Make collection tile available for a research group