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A release containing feature improvements and bug fixes.



  • Improve team landing page by adding 'Flex-box' functionality that ensures the profile listing pages are consitent. 'Flex-box' adjusts each individual row of profiles to be the same height dependant on the profile with the most information, so that the rows of profiles are consistent and look smart.
  • Improvement to profile 'Contact details' tile. We have updated the contact tile so that if the email address on a profile is too long to fit neatly onto the screen, it will revent to text displaying 'Send email' that allows a user to copy the persons email address, but does not break the layout of the page.
  • Fix for formatting issue on 'Courses' content type to ensure that profiles look tidy and professional. Previous bug caused images and tag lines to not display.
  • Fix for 'Courses' sub category filtering.
  • Fix for profiles import/export. Previously the CSV file that was downloadable was corrupt. This has been fixed.
  • Fix for promoted profiles. A bug was causing the promoted profiles to not show the job title related to them.