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Develop the functionality of the team tile/portlet further, to allow for editors to define the size of the image on the tile/portlet. Most likely that the best solution for this is to provide 3 pre defined options, for example small, medium and large predefined sizes.


AS AN EDITOR I want to be able to choose from 3 predefined options of size (small, medium, large) for the image that shows on the team tile/portlet SO THAT I can use it differently in different locations, making it more prominent in some instances.


What are you trying to do that our product is not able to support?

I want to be able to alter the size of the images on the team portlet/tile.

What is the reason that you need to be able to do this?

So that I can make them stand out more on certain pages.

What is the impact of you not being able to do this?

Sometimes the images of people can get lost in the content on the page, and the images do not show the person clearly enough to make them recognisable.