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HAIKU Improvements

  • Definable image ratio for all listings, you can now choose between 16x9, or original. This ensures that listings are consistent across your Haiku website.
  • Add 6 columns layout for collection and list tiles
  • Add the external link option to news and events. If you provide an 'External link' for a news or event item, the user will be taken to the link when they click on the item from it's listing page. 


  • Updates to the list tile interface and fields to make it more intuitive. For example, the confusing 'Layout' options have been made more clear, and the sort ordering options are now logical.
  • Fix image styles in rich text areas and popups
  • Remove image-centre transformations
  • Change the markup for images inside rich text areas
  • Fix margins for nested lists
  • Remove background colour from copyright in carousels
  • Remove fixme for cover page tile margins
  • Remove colouring on the first column of a table in rich text tiles
  • Fix for editable files and images listings
  • Give Designer role permission to edit customisations configlet
  • Update listing item template
  • Add 'top' image positions for default listing item
  • Fix for redirection subscriber
  • Add Link behaviour and adapter
  • Update listing_item for files
  • Create listing_item view for images
  • Show/Hide title, image caption option on list and collections tiles
  • Change cite to small for copyrights
  • Set '20' as a placeholder for bottom margin in column layout form
  • Refactor list tile
  • Remove HTML tags from publication's title when syncing from Symplectic: HSD-2974
  • Fix for research listing
  • Add level (depth) field to research section View options (to force the section to only show the cover pages that are intended to show on any cover page tab)