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What are you trying to do that our product is not able to support?

Whilst cover pages are great, sometimes the homepage may need to be re-designed ahead of a new project or event etc, ready for it to 'launch'. Currently, there is no way to design a new cover page without replacing the existing home page and setting a 'publication date' for it.

What is the reason that you need to be able to do this?

Ease of use ahead of potential major changes to the homepage/cover page.

What is the impact of you not being able to do this?

One has to design and check the appearance of a re-designed cover (home) page using a test server, then make changes quickly to the live site on the 'publication' day, which is cumbersome and not optimal, and may delay website updates ahead of, for example, embargoed content going live on the site.


admin says:
Monday, 9 January 2017, 5.19 pm


Thanks for submitting this request.

In the first instance, we would like to let you know that you have the ability to re-design your homepage, on your live site, quite straightforwardly.

If you need to recreate your homepage, or any other cover page, on your live site, you can copy the current page, keep the copied page unpublished whilst you manipulate it to be how you would like it. Once you are happy with how the page looks, you can then simply change the default view of the section that has the cover page as the landing page in a couple of clicks. This should avoid the use of a test server for trying out any changes, and allow for your quick change of homepage when you are ready.

We are postponing this request for now, as we would like to see how you get on with the suggestion above, and we will look into this more, if you still find it an issue.

Haiku team

Gavin says:
Tuesday, 10 January 2017, 12.13 pm

Ah, thanks for the tip.

Being able to schedule a live/publication homepage date would still be very useful, though, perhaps, a fringe case for some departments, depending on how prominently they wish to display a new event/publication/news story.