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Some users have explained that they would like to be able to grant access to certain areas of their site to users who are not within the Oxford University network. This functionality will allow site administrators to grant access to users who do not have an Oxford Single Sign-On account. Administrators will be able to manage the users' permissions and have control over their access.


As a site administrator, I want to be able to grant users who do not have an Oxford SSO account access to certain sections/pages of my website so that I can keep content protected but allow external users to access it if required as I work with colleagues who are external to Oxford.

As a site administrator, I want to be able to add protected access to a certain section and have all of the items contained within that section protected behind the same authentication so that I can be confident that anything I add to the folder is also protected behind the authentication.

As a site administrator, I want the external users to log in with their email address and a password so that they will have a user account and we are able to track who has logged in to view the content.

As an administrator I want the system to force strong passwords with a minimum of eight characters and a mixture of letters, numbers and symbols so that I can ensure security policies are met.

As a site administrator, I want to be able to easily tell who in the users and group section has a local and who has an SSO account so that I can keep the users database clean and easy to manage.