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Simplify, and streamline how an editor creates/manages an item of content. Make it clearer and easier to navigate around the options that are available for a content type. Try to make an editors life easier, when considering the 3 main elements of a page e.g. Portlets, body content and display.


What are you trying to do that our product is not able to support?

Combine page editing, portlets and display into a single editor page, or page layout editor.

What is the reason that you need to be able to do this?

At the moment the look of any given page is determined by apparently completely separate elements. For example, hitting 'edit' on a page, allows two page elements to be edited: the body text and a featured image. But not portlets, a potentially big part of a pages look. To manage any portlets on a page, for some reason, requires clicking on my username. To manage the number of column page, for some reason, requires making changes via the 'Display' drop down menu - again, non-intuitive.

What is the impact of you not being able to do this?

Current system is non-intuitive and fails to give editors clear control of a page or sections design/layout, requiring multiple changes to achieve a desired look with no preview option on live pages.


Anne Bowtell says:
Tuesday, 7 June 2016, 6.48 am

We would like to see usability testing on this.

admin says:
Wednesday, 15 June 2016, 3.17 pm

We are postponing this feature request, as currently we do not feel that we can do anything significant enough to change this. This will be reviewed inline with a design refresh and underlying software upgrade.

The Haiku Team