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Moving Haiku to cloud hosting, rather than the Universities data centres.

Many projects within the University are now considering external cloud hosting as it is flexible, scaleable and economical. There are also now robust industry standards in place that should meet the University's information security requirements which removes a significant blocker to external hosting. Currently, the available resources are not as flexible as we would like, so Fry work hard to keep the Haiku sites up and running and responsive. Considerable savings and improvements to the service could be made, if we were to host externally. The project would involve:

1. Exploratory work to ensure that the external hosting proposed meet the Universities information security requirements
2. Exploratory work to establish the mechanisms and costs of migration
3. A key development to moving forward with this is to adapt our log-in system to use a different method of Single Sign On - there would be no obvious difference for the end user, but the mechanics behind the scenes would change (Shibboleth rather than WebAuth).


AS AN ADMIN I want my Haiku website to be hosted on Amazon Web Services rather that the University data centres SO THAT we can benefit from a more flexible and configurable set up.

AS AN ADMIN I want my Haiku site to be hosted on Amazon Web Services SO THAT I can benefit from having my site running faster, and enabling better failover and security options.