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The first package we have put together is included in your licence fee. This package is intended to provide training to a limited number of users at a time, to ensure that the required level of support is provided to each user. This package will be carried out over Zoom, with the sessions recorded for attendees to be able to refer back to in their own time.

This package will provide you with the information required to use the design functionality, alongside the documentation for the functionality. The onus will be on the attendee to ensure that they have the time available to focus on the training and the follow up tasks that will need to be carried out in order to make the most of the sessions. The overall aim of this package is to provide you with the information on how to use the designer tools, and provide support around your first attempt at using them. You will be required to provide all of the relevant content and assets that you need to build the new page template that you would like. You will be able to export the new template you create, so that it can be used multiple times throughout your Haiku website. These sessions will run over three weeks, and the attendees will be selected on a first come first serve basis, so it is essential that you have the required information, to make the most of the session. 


Pros of this package:

  • You will be taught how to use the functionality, so that you have the skills required to create new page designs and templates going forwards

  • Work towards your goal with a group of people with similar goals and levels of understanding. This will help to create a support network amongst users, and provide the ability to share ideas

  • You will be able to make content that stands out 

  • Included in the license fee

Cons of this package:

  • We will not be able to help you with the detail of the templates that you create. The main structure and layout will be defined by you, with help from our team on how you achieve this, rather than you providing us with the information and us dedicating designer time to think about an present ideas back to you

  • It is time consuming working with this functionality and will require dedicated time put aside to really benefit from the package

Package one


What will be covered

What is expected from you

Register your interest

5 minutes

Get in touch via the form to book onto your introductory webinar. In order to attend the design course, you will need to have a clear idea of what you are trying to achieve with the new functionality. 



It is essential that you have an idea of which page(s) you would like to work on (we suggest a focus of one page, e.g. homepage or landing page for a section). It is also essential that you have a clear idea of what you are trying to achieve with the page you choose. Unfortunately we are not specialists in the content on your website, or your communications strategy. Due to this, make sure you think about the messaging you want to convey, what content is most important for your users to be directed to, and why. If you want to make use of media, images and videos etc. make sure that you have a variety of assets available to you.  

Introductory webinar - Week 1

75 minutes

The introductory webinar will take you through the new functionality that the designer controls make available. We will explain to you what the different controls do, and give examples of what instances to use them in.

Full focus, and time available over the following week to dedicate to using the functionality.

Initial familiarisation - Between week 1 and 3

2 weeks

After the introductory webinar, you will then have a week to review the documentation of the functionality,  and make a start on the page that you have chosen to focus on. You should make sure that you are able to dedicate time to this, as it is important for you to continue to work with the functionality so that you become familiar with it, and can feel confident using it.

Time available (1.5 days) to have a first pass at creating the new page you would like to, trying things out along the way and expecting it to take a reasonable amount of time to become familiar and comfortable using the designer functionality.

Further training and Q&A webinar 

- Week 3

60 minutes

The second webinar that you will attend will be focused on providing some further training, with examples of some of the more advanced ways to use the designer permission with the cover pages functionality. At this session, there will also be a chance for a short Q&A on any aspects of the cover pages that you may need to know more about, or have come up since using the functionality. This time will be limited per attendee, so that we can make progress with all participants. Please prepare your list of questions, and submit them 24 hours before this webinar, so that the team can take a look at preparing anything required to help answer your questions.

It is essential that you attend this webinar having dedicated time to building the new page that you have chosen. You should have had a good play around with the functionality and started to pull together how you would like the page to look. You should group any questions that you have and send them to the team 24 hours before this session, to make the most effective use of the time available.

Content creation

2 weeks

At this point you will have been given the training on how to use the designer functionality, and you will have already been working on the content that you have planned to create/update on your website. Now you should really focus on finalising the content that you have been working on. You should be making sure that the images, text and links are all correct and preparing any final questions about your design for the final webinar. 

Time available to you to dedicate your effort into finalising the page that you have been working on, as far as possible. 

Final Q&A webinar

45 minutes

At this webinar we will be on hand to help with any questions you may have since finalising your content or any tips you are looking for. To make the best use of this time, you must submit your questions 24 hours before the webinar, so that the team can look at preparing anything required to help answer any questions.

Have a finished page that you have built. Submit any questions to the team 24 hours before this webinar. These questions should be around the finalising of the page that you have been working on. We will be available to answer questions, and provide any other hints and tips to you, as well as giving a small amount of specific guidance to each attendee on their page.


Current planned course dates:

Course 1 dates

Session 1: 4th August 09:30am - 10:45am

Session 2: 18th August 09:30am - 10:30am

Session 3: 1st September 09:30am - 10:30am

Course 2 dates

Session 1: 5th August 09:30am - 10:45am

Session 2: 19th August 09:30am - 10:30am

Session 3: 2nd September 09:30am - 10:30am

More course dates will be supplied for future courses.