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Amendments to the way that the date function works on the events, design refresh of the way that content is displayed if all fields are used, and introduction of tabbed layout. Documentation:


Design: - Review of content spacing on the events page when all fields are used - Amend the interface for the date and time slider to be more user friendly Tabs: - This will allow you to add more detail into your events pages by laying information out in tabs so that you can make more than one page (if required). You will be able to name these tabs as you wish and use them to enter whichever content is appropriate for the event that you are creating Date: - The system should anticipate that the closing date is the same date as the start date rather than displaying as the created date. This should also apply to the closing time of the event which should default to one hour after the start


AS A Visitor I want to see the details including tags, location, host and call to action buttons for an event neatly organised underneath the event title SO THAT I can quickly glance over them.

As an Editor I want to enter the start and end date of an event by having the system anticipate that the close date cannot be earlier than the start date SO THAT I can quickly enter the dates for any event.

As an Editor I want to have the end date of an event be the same as the start date by default SO THAT I can quickly enter dates for any event.

As an Editor I want to have the default duration for any event be equal to 1 hour SO THAT I don't have to manually select times if my event is only 1 hour long.

As an Editor I want to have the ability to add tabs to my event page to display additional information SO THAT I can show different and more detailed information about my event section in relevant tabs


Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics . says:
Friday, 1 May 2015, 10.28 am

I much prefer the formatting of the details (time, location, etc) on images 1 & 3. The current formatting (image 2) is less legible I find.

Haiku HQ says:
Friday, 1 May 2015, 12.59 pm

We are glad that you like what we have proposed for the new design solution Sara